海罗光电有限公司成立于2010,我们做为一个方案公司而起步,提供显示屏方面的各种方案, 包括定制接口及命令,定制尺寸和亮度等等,在2017年我们开始了自己的工厂,主要以做切割屏,最大切割尺寸到100寸,切割尺寸也可以定制。 海罗光电是定制屏专家, 如果您有什么好的想法却找无法实现,不妨跟我们联系,我们将通过我们强大的设计思路为您实现梦想。

Hello Lighting co.,LTD founded in 2010, we started as a engineering solution company, provide kinds of display solution, such as customized interface, customized size/brightness, etc. From 2017, we start our own factory, which focus on cutting LCD, the max size we can cut is over 100", the cutting size can also be customized. HL is professional on customized display, if you have innovative idea but do not know how to start, you can try discuss with us, base one our professional LCD design, we will make your innovative idea come ture!
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  Rm605, Bldg515, Bagualing, FuTian Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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  TaiShun Industrial Area No.95 YuChang Road, GuanLan, LongHua Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
邮件/Email: sales@hello-lighting.com
电话/Phone: +86-13924619256
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